Dark Times

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Reaping 2, 648 CY...

As Soulan, Edgar, Lanolin, Bryce, and J’Saahuis entered the cave they were attacked almost immediately by three Carrion Crawlers and three Ankhegs. After killing them, they were attacked by six large spiders and one huge spider. After killing them, they found a bevy of magical items, but Roland was badly diseased and decided to try to make for Trianglee to get healing.

From there they were attacked by several Kuo Toa and their Kuo Toa King with its giant pet alligator. This battle proved much tougher as the group sustained heavy damage. The tide soon turned when the menacing Edgar approached the enemies and demanded, “Fear me Kuo Toa King!” and he in fact did. That gave the group the advantage they needed to defeat the reptilian horde. Again they were rewarded with a cache of magical items.

Lastly, they made their way into the main cavern and confronted the renegade mage. He was sitting trance-like on a stone throne connected to some sort of stalactite that was pulsing with magical energy. As the group tried to stealthily approach, he awoke. The mountain then began to shift violently. They suddenly realized they were moving and as they got closer to the throne, spotted a one sided portal in front of the mage that displayed the landscape outside the mountain rocking back and forth. Lanolin walked through the portal and suddenly found himself falling hundreds of feet. Quickly, he enacted his flying ability and looked to realize that there was a colossal earth elemental walking towards him. He recognized the creatures eyes ad caves that they had passed earlier and flew back into the creatures head, back to the throne room. When he got back, his companions had already engaged the mage and were winning the day. In an act of desperation, the mage lunged for the portal but skittered through it onto the floor, somehow unable to escape by the same means that ejected Lanolin earlier. With that, the group pounced and beheaded the mage to bring back to Axegard as proof of victory.

When they removed his head though, the enormous creature began to shake and fall apart. Quickly they headed for the creatures eye sockets, avoiding masses of falling rocks as the caverns began to collapse around them. At the last second they leaped from the eyes, and as luck would have it, the creature was standing in a large lake. They dove into the water and swam for shore, but not before the creature completely fell apart, creating a massive under toe which pulled the most of the group down into the murky depths. After considerable struggle they manage to free themselves from the current and swim to shore.

From there they made their way to Trianglee. On the way, they found Roland unconscious and took him the rest of the way to town. Once there, they met up with Glim and Jake who had procured lodging at a local inn and got Roland the proper divinations to remove his disease.

With their new found wealth they decided to upgrade their weapons and stumbled upon...

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