Dark Times

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The Adventure Begins...

Iuz Unleashed

The year is 635 CY, 40 years after the Tiamat Alliance. The landscape of Greyhawk has changed dramatically. The Empire of Iuz, with the support of Tiamat's Aspect and the Tana'ri, managed to break through the borders of Tenh to the east, Furyondy to the South, and Blackmoor to the North. The Free City of Greyhawk is pinned down and the County of Urnst is poised to fall at any time. Pale still puts up the greatest resistance to the east with the aid of Nyrond and only the obstacle of the Lortmil Mountains prevents their southern advancement into Gran March and Keoland. They've conquered as far west as Ekbir and Tusmit, holding their position and striking an alliance with Zeif.  Ahlissa and the North Kingdom have lent their forces to bolster Pale and the Duchy of Urnst's resistance, but many fear this to be a temporary deterrent and predict the levee to soon break and the flood of Iuz's minions to overrun the southeastern plains.

A Long Journey

These are dark times. Anyone with military training has been recruited to the front and magic, both divine and arcane, are donated to the war effort wherever it can be spared. Rumors that Celestial aid keeps Pale strong are encouraging but not confirmed. Rationing of Mithril and enchanted steel is prevalent throughout the realm, as is the financial burden of such a costly war.

As a result, the realm is in a state of depression; gold is short and work is scarce.  Your families have either gone off to war or have been decimated by the forces of Iuz and you have been forced to flee your homelands to seek employment and refuge in the only region not in immediate threat, Keoland. Your paths have led you to the town of Axegard, north of the Axewood. The journey there was fraught with danger and scenes of carnage and death paved your way.

Somehow, though, you managed to survive the trek and arrive with little more than the shirt on your back and a couple copper coins in your pocket. Your stomachs aching from hunger and feet burning with fatigue, you manage to find refuse in the only place you can afford, a derelict flophouse in the seedy part of town. You are not alone as dozens of other refugees pour in every day. The future looks bleak and the road looks long ahead, but your will to survive is stronger than your despair and you've resolved to find a way to make do until these dark times pass.

News From The Front ...

Wealsun 3, 635 CY A Call to Arms - The king of Nyrond, King Lynwerd I, in hopes of rallying more able bodied men and women to the front, has issued a decree promising “1 silver shield per undead head” brought to Rel Mord’s military headquarters. More...

Wealsun 8, 635 CY Spies of Zeif Captured - Today, two Zeifian spies were captured outside the city of Hochoch, in the troubled region of Geoff. The infiltrators were captured during a battle with a combined orc and ogre raid out of the Crystalmist Mountains. More...

Wealsun 9, 635 CY County of Urnst Falls - After years of valiant resistance since the Shield Lands were breached, the inevitable fall of The County of Urnst is now official. The capital city has been completely evacuated and the Iuz flag now waves over their central castle. More...

Wealsun 11, 635 CY Stonehold Enters the Fray - Stonehold has finally chosen sides this past week as throngs of Fists, Stonehold warriors, poured into northern Tenh. “They are a sight for weary eyes,” claimed Duke Ehyeh III of the Faithful Flan Army. “Who’d of thought it possible barring our history with the Stonehold, but I, for one, am glad to see their grizzled faces.” More...

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