Dark Times

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Reaping 5, 648 CY...

With their new found wealth they decided to upgrade their weapons and stumbled upon the largest weapon shop they have ever seen. Once inside they were greeted by the helpful staff and made some purchases. The owner took a shining to Edgar and asked him to come to his office. Using some sort of magic, read Edgar’s thoughts and knew exactly what type of weapon he desired. He produced a stunning black bladed short sword. Edgar desired it, but could not afford it. The owner then made a deal with Edgar to reduce the price if he would talk to the local tax collector and get him an extension on his taxes. Edgar agreed.

Edgar made his way to the town hall and was granted an audience with the tax man. After some skillful negotiation, he managed to secure the extension if the weapon shop owner could come up with twenty percent of the back taxes by the next day. Edgar agreed and delivered these terms to the shopkeeper.
The next day, the group decided to take in the arena fights after a harrowing experience with a disgruntled tavern employee. There, they watched a fight between Killer Kallenius versus Grugorius. Gregorius was victorious and J’Saahuis lost a bit of money on the match. They also noticed the shopkeeper arguing with someone in the upper box seats. Jake pulled out his trusty spyglass and could make out that the shopkeeper lost a great deal of money and was being threatened by a nefarious looking gentleman.

When Edgar went to collect the twenty percent for the local tax collector, the shopkeeper informed him that he had the money but lost it. He then assured Edgar that he had something big in the works and would absolutely have the money the next day, therefore, if he could convince the local tax man to give him one more day, he would sell him the marvelous weapon at a fraction of its actual value.

Edgar went back and managed to get one more extension, but the tax man said that since he was sticking out his neck, that if he didn’t get his twenty percent tomorrow that the debt would be on Edgar’s shoulders. Edgar agreed and signed a contract to this affect and returned to the shopkeeper.

After giving the shop owner the good news, they concluded their arrangement and Edgar purchased the sword. Phyllyp entered the man’s office as Edgar was leaving. A few moments later, from the shop floor, they group could hear yelling and then saw their companion get thrown out of the second floor window to the showroom floor below. Immediately the sales staff grabbed intimidating weapons from the shelves and the group was asked to kindly leave. They did without argument.

That night, there was an eerie feeling that permeated the town. All of the group’s dreams turned to horrible nightmares except for Edgar, who was roused from his slumber. He went to the window to see that there was no one in the streets but could see a strange greenish light coming from the direction of the weapon shop glowing above the rooftops.

The next morning, as the group went down for breakfast, there was a ruckus. They followed the screams to the weapon shop where they saw a sight of carnage only rivaled by the doll golems decimation of Jake’s testicles. The shop owner was torn to pieces, his entrails sliding down the glass window front. The clerics on the scene determined that it was the work of Iuz who apparently made off with all of the weapons. Also there, standing over Edgar like a pending doom, was the local tax collector, grinding his hands together greedily as he withdrew the contract Edgar had signed the day before. He bent over slowly until his crooked nose was inches from Edgars face and whispered, “I expect my money within the year or I will use an equal sum to hire an assassin to hunt you to the ends of Oerth.”

Cockily, Edgar turned and walked away, and with a wave of his hand said, “No problem.”

The next morning they awoke to a letter that Lanolin left early to attend to some business and would meet up with them in Axegard. The rest of the party returned to Axegard with Cletus the stagecoach driver.

Once back in town...

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