Dark Times

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Wealsun 19 , 645 CY...

Slowly, J’Saahuis pushes open the trapdoor with his dagger and you see light filter out of the crack and hear footsteps above. Noticing you, the person above runs and you hear a door slam shut. J’Saahuis, Roland, Glimnoddle, bound into action, climbing the rungs and giving pursuit.

You enter into a storeroom and as you run for the door, J’Saahuis trips over a wire. You hear the trapdoor slam shut behind you with a click, separating you from Jake, Bryce, and Soulan. Immediately, gas begins to pour out of small holes in the top of the trapdoor, filling the room. You fight to stay awake as the gas overtakes you.

Several hours later, you awake to the sound of thunder and lightning as you are lying in an alley behind the Jaded Skull, Edgar rousing you from your slumber. He tells you that Tearance, the dwarf from the docks, came across you and rushed to inform Edgar. Groggy, you immediately go back to sewers to find out what happened to your friends trapped below when the trap was sprung.

When you get back to the sewer, you find that the rest of your companions are gone. You can see signs of their emergence from the sewer in the wet ground in front of the opening. You head over to the temple and find out from the priest that the group never came back. There, you relay the tale of what happened to the priest. He tells you that perhaps Finn, the thieves’ guild master can help.

You trace the path of the sewers to the Dancing Dryad Gambling Hall. When you try to enter, you are recognized by the doorman. He asks what you are doing back. Perplexed, you prod him further and he tells you that you were found drunk in the storeroom and placed in a rickshaw to be dumped on the other end of town. You assure him that you are sober and he lets you in. Inside, you do a little gambling and learn that the room you came up in was trapped by the establishment to prevent robberies.

Satisfied that no one at the gambling hall was involved, you decide to wash the smell of the sewer off of you before heading to see Finn. At the bathhouse, Roland, J’Saahuis, and Glimnoddle find sigils of some sort written on their chests in charcoal. After washing them off, they are left with rashes where the sigils once were.

After the bath, Glim returns to the room to sleep and see if the others had returned while the rest of you went to the guildhall to see Finn. He informed you that he might be able to assist in finding the burglar, but wants you to do a favor for him in return. He tells you that there is a ruined monastery north of town. Somewhere in the ruins is a hidden lich’s entrance to a burial chamber which contains a gem, find it and bring it back.

You run into Tearance and enlist his help. He agrees and you make your way to the ruins. Once there, you find the hidden catacombs and, after overcoming a challenging mechanism, find the gem you seek.

After returning it to Finn, he tells you that he learned of a half-elf that is in possession of the chalice. He tells you to come back in three days and he will have found out where the culprit lives.

As you leave…


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