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sample imageWelcome to the group website. I hope you find this site to be a useful resource. As time goes on, I hope to continue to add new content and welcome any suggestions or comments that you have. Enjoy!!

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sample imageAfter defeating Strahd, your escape the prison of Ravenloft lain before you. Seizing the moment, you leapt through the portal, not knowing - hell, not caring - where it lead you as long as it lead you out of this god forsaken plane. The portal collapsed behind you and you found yourselves in the World of Greyhawk. Suddenly overwhelmed -- the weight of despair lifted from your shoulders, the sum warming your face, and the smell of death washed from the air -- you feel reborn, ready to face new challenges and a new beginning! 

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sample imageMAGNUS VARGSON - (507 CY to 496 CY)

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, every man is mortal, but fame never dies for one who earns it."  ~Odin Allfatherm>

Magnus Vargson's family emigrated from the frozen North when he was but a young child. He never learned the reason for this, but assumed it wasn't just for the weather. Raised in the town of Djekul , he was trained to be a leatherworker. It was honest work, yet all the while the words "fame never dies for one who earns it" kept coming back to him. He was selected to represent his town in a competition for a spot in the Adventurer's Guild and won a spot in the company of a pixie, a humorless cleric, a hot-headed magic user, and a free spirited bard.

As the fates would have it, he and his companions were magically swept by unholy powers to a dark realm where he was beset upon by all manner of the vile undead. He teamed up with a ranger and half-orc warrior thief. Together the companions explored this evil world searching for an escape. In short order, their pixie perished and they entered into the acquaintance of a noble cavalier and forest-mage. Their adventures took them to the brink of death and tested their sanity at every turn. The forest-mage took his leave of the group and the free spirited bard fell to the will of a wicked magical item. The most recent companion joined their band a short time later, a goodly nanny with arcane and divine attunement. Together they made the best of their unfortunate situation.

Magnus became a beacon of honor in this sea of despair. Where lesser men might have given in to the insidious nature of the place, Magnus only grew more resolved, leaving a wake of carnage and death to his foes fierce enough to send shivers down the very spine of Ravenloft itself. Eventually he defeated an evil of untold power and won his freedom with an unimaginable brutality that could only be fueled by the beating of a Viking heart. He had been tested by darkness, but the light of his forefather’s prevailed, roaring his name at the sun once more – “I am Magnus Vargson, slayer of the endless night!”

Unfortunately, his walk in the sun would be far too short, for even after claiming his prize, his honor would not yet be sated. In an act of selflessness so sincere, so without hope of reward or laurels, choosing to forgo his very life to fulfill an oath he made to relieve the suffering of a creature he barely knew. To fulfill his sense of honor, this man was willing to sacrifice his eternal afterlife, his place by the side of his forbearers; a sacrifice so noble, so pure, as to move the hearts of the gods.

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, every man is mortal, but fame never dies for one who earns it."  Well, friend Magnus, you have indeed earned it.

We are all the better for knowing you...you will be missed.

 --- Dedicated with admiration by your companions in “The Company of the Mists” ---


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City Spotlight

Niole Dra

This large town is the capital city of the kingdom of Keoland. The city has a population of more than twenty-five thousand inhabitants.

Kill of the Month

sample imageLancer

For placing the killing blow on Strahd and securing his place at the table of his forefathers in Valhalla.

Player of the Month

sample imageTucker

For strategic spell resource management, helping the entire group to stay alive during the final several back-to-back battles at Heather House through conservative but effective healing. The fact that he had any healing left, let alone sufficient supply, when the group entered the final room is a testament to his clerical skill.