Our Heroes...

Brought together by chance or destiny, these mighty heroes have banded together to face the challenges of this foreign and hostile land side-by-side. Together, these strangers have come to rely on one another in order to survive in this inhospitable realm and only together can they hope to ever find a way out -- a way home.

Character Backgrounds

A short synopsis of our heroes' lives before they were ripped to the land of shadows...

Charsample imageR

Charr has little memory of her childhood. Her subconscious efforts to block it from memory have suited her just fine, although she remembers it being bitter. Showing great intelligence and an aptitude for the arts she found herself under the tutelage of a patient and generous elementalist who sent her upon the path of wizardry. Given the chance she tends to stray from this path from time to time due to her fiery temper and impulsive nature. Although she enjoys the company of some men she finds that the world has not embraced the equality of the sexes and finds the double standard very off-putting,...... but that is going to change whether it wants to or not!!


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Gash was the product of a violent union between his orc mother, a matriarch of the Hairy Eye tribe, and his elven father, a hapless candlemaker who was taken prisoner while attempting to peddle his wares to the demihumans of the Barren Wastes. Gash grew up despising his father, who always seemed so pathetic and weak... right up until he was accidentally snapped in half during a particularly aggressive bout of passion on his mother's part. Since that time, Gash has had very limited respect for elves, viewing them as somewhere between goat and cow (in terms of taste). Fortunately, Gash inherited something of an intellectual and cosmopolitan bent from his father, and when he reached the age of 16 he left his tribe to make a life in the metropolis of Dantredun. Tragically, Gash found that his particular brand of beauty was not appreciated in gentler society, and he frequently had to hide himself to avoid the horrors of racism and discrimination. Shunned by the elite of Dantredun, Gash naturally gravitated toward the lower castes and eventually became entangled in the local thieves guild. He also apprenticed for a time under an old, blind locksmith who had an impaired sense of smell. Gash eventually became quite skilled in mechanical matters such as locks and traps, but he tended to neglect the stealthier arts, favoring instead a direct (and brutal) approach to carrying out his unsavory duties as a rogue and scoundrel. Eventually, Gash realized that his dreams of glory and profit would never be fully realized in backwater Dantredun. He packed up his meager belongings and set out to make his fortune as an adventurer.


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Born the son of a successful blacksmith in a small village a few miles outside Greyhawk City, Tucker naturally developed some small skill as a maker of armor, but never prospered with that work being somewhat lacking in the strength and constitution of a blacksmith. Shortly after he reached adulthood a group of wandering ministers of Kos stopped and availed themselves of Tuckers' fathers' services, and after some discussion Tucker decided to join them on the road and learn the ways of Kos. A few seasons on the road and Tucker decided to become ordained. Shortly after that he happened to encounter a small group of adventurers at a contest to gain membership in a local adventurers' guild and they decided to work together on a delivery...........


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Born in the year of Our Lord 520, Arthur had ended the rebel wars the treacherous Orkneys had started.  Uddain's father, a noted household knight, won not just Arthur's eye for his valor in the rebel wars, but also at the battle of Badon, where Arthur finished the Saxon threat for all time.  However, the blood bath at Badon was costly for Arthur as well.  Half the footmen and knights alike were lost, and Arthur, as well as Pellinore, needed able, loyal and brave men.  So, by holding his heroic stand when his unit began to flee, Uddain's father, Sir Ledraunt, not only won a small banneretcy for himself, but the hand of kings Pelleham and Pellinore's youngest sister, Elaine de Gallis.  

    Uddain was born just the following year and was given the honor of squiring under his older cousin, Sir Percivale, when he came of age, and was knighted by Percivale himself.  Uddain found himself in a difficult position, as a knight gains glory through battle and Arthur had already conquered or made to heel the known world.  Further, the shadow he walked in was very long, as Pellinore, his uncle, was both a king and Round Table knight and each of his cousins, Tor, Lamorak and Percivale were not only Round Table knights, but some of the best in the realm.  He desperately wanted to gain the glory to earn a right to sit at the table, and so had adopted his maternal uncle's strange heritage of taking on any quest, no matter how impossible.  It is only now that Uddain has found this new strange world to be a great boon as enemies are everywhere.  Horrific, to be sure, but at long last he sees himself in a perfect position to write his name in glory.


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As a child Vanador’s clan had befriended a clan of forest elves.  The clans met several times a year to trade goods and stories.  Vanador became close friends with several of the forest elf children and would venture into the woods with them.  He learned to revere the wilderness even more than normal for his race.  As time went along he felt the draw of the wilderness more and more.  When he reached the age of adulthood he ventured to the woods of Cormanthor and began a life as a protector of the woodlands and those who could not protect themselves.


Jennysample image

Jenny was born in the Demi-Plane of Dread, known as Ravenloft. She took to magic of all types and eventually chose to walk the path of both a mage and cleric, finding herself equally adept with the arcane as she was with the divine. Jenny also had a fondness for children and, having none of her own, found her vocational calling as a nanny, a magical nanny. She was quite a successful nanny, content in her profession until the day one of her wards was spirited off by an evil Halfling necromancer named Malficent. The villain killed the child and Jenny's reputation as a nanny would never recover. She tracked the vile Halfling across the breadth of Ravenloft when she became embroiled with this group of adventurers. Still she seeks the Halfling and will one day resume the hunt.


Norvissample image

Norvis was born in the town of **CLASSIFIED** to parents **CLASSIFIED** and **CLASSIFIED**. As a boy he used to dream of **CLASSIFIED** and swore someday he was going to **CLASSIFIED** and see the big wide world. That day came when **CLASSIFIED** came into town and took young Norvis under his wing. It was a fine time for the young gnome, he was learning about **CLASSIFIED** and the art of **CLASSIFIED**. Young Norvis was as happy as he could be when suddenly, out of the blue, his trusted mentor took poor Norvis into the cellar, and **CLASSIFIED** him. Injured to the core, Norvis swore that **CLASSIFIED** must die!!!

From then on, Norvis dedicated his life to finding **CLASSIFIED** so he could slide his large  **CLASSIFIED** into the man's waiting **CLASSIFIED**, over and over again until the rapture consumes him and he finally collapses from sheer exhaustion. To this, Norvis has taken a sacred vow, "Mark my words, one day I will take him...slowly from behind!"


Zensample image

Abandoned in a cave as a child, Zen was found by a blind dwarven monk who worked as a blacksmith in the town of Tika Town at the foot of the great Barrier Peaks. Taking pity on the whelp, the dwarf, Durras, took him under his wing. When Zen was a boy, he spent his mornings in the mines, his afternoons at the forge, and his evening learning the martial arts. He grew strong during those years and eventually learned the art of the ninja. When some strangers came into town, they enlisted his aid from his master. When the task was complete, knowing that he had taught Zen all he could, he gave him the opportunity to join the men on their quests, free to explore the great wide realm of Greyhawk.


The Fallen

Evasample image

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Illustiansample image

Illustian Greenbriar is the son and youngest scion of the Greenbriar family.  The Greenbriar family is a modest eladrin house in Evereska.  It is a Merchant House of Mithral Elves (more  commonly misnomered as Grey Elves) with solid ties to Waterdeep and Candlekeep.

The House is well known for quality items used in the crafting of beautiful magical items both warlike and mundane.  Hence the longstanding sales to the Waterdeep armories and the scholars both native and abroad studying at Candlekeep.

Illustian was presumed lost during the outbreak of the Phaerimm from the Sharnwall as he had been personally delivering a number of items to Candlekeep at the time.  He has spent his time in the interrim studying, crafting and taking to his "other" profession of helping out in the wilderness around Candlekeep.


Magnussample image

"Cattle die, kinsmen die, every man is mortal, but fame never dies for one who earns it."  ~Odin Allfather

Magnus Vargson's family emigrated from the frozen North when he was a young child. He has never learned the reason for this, but he assumes it wasn't just for the weather. Raised in the town of Djekul , he was trained to be a leatherworker. It was honest work, yet all the while the words "fame never dies for one who earns it" kept coming back to him. He was selected to represent his town in a competition for a spot in the Adventurer's Guild and was last seen in the company of a pixie, a humorless cleric, a hot-headed magic user, and a free spirited bard.