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January 21, 2011 Session Overview


sample imageHave at thee...

As soon as the group approached the apex of the ridge, they spotted the complete compliment of adversaries; 15 hobgoblins with 12 of them mounted on unusually large worgs. Off the bat, Uddain charged into their front ranks with valorous abandon.  Then, Charr laid a well-placed ice storm that took down several riders and made the footing under the mounts treacherous, drastically reducing their movement. The rest of the group hung back and picked off the outer ranks.

After the initial volley, the remaining enemies closed ferociously on the group, with Uddain and Magnus taking the brunt of their ire. Suddenly, Uddain heard a thunderous crack against the ground and watched as the felled enemies rose again. Magnus tried turning them to no avail and the others quickly realized that they were animated, not undead. The tide was starting to turn in the enemies favor when Uddain succumbed to the mob surrounding him. Seeing their comrade fall reinvigorated the group and they rallied to Uddain's aid. Tucker let loose a healing blast that brought Uddain from the brink of death back to his fighting form. A couple minutes later, all of their enemies were smote without the loss of a single party member; although it appeared that the commander of the rival brigade was able to escape, Illustian and Vanador tracking him to a concealed opening containing stairs that descended into the darkness, presumably leading to the ruined temple indicated on their map.


sample imageOur dreams are tearing us apart...

Bruised and low on spells, the group decided to camp for the night several hundred yards away. Vanador and Magnus took watch whilst the others took their rest. About an hour into watch, Magnus observed Eva, Gash, Char, and Tucker thrash violently in their sleep, obviously in the throes of terrible nightmares. Seeking to help them, he roused them from their sleep, but in doing so, placed his own life in peril for their eyes were glazed over and they all drew weapons against him. Magnus was struck first by Charr's fiery fist spell and then by the blade of Gash. Knowing that they were not in their right minds after seeing this scenario several times before, he struck at the dangerous fire elementalist with the flat of his blade sending her skittering to the ground out cold. He did likewise to the others with the help of Vanador and soon all of their companions returned to their senses and laid down their arms. Upon interrogation, they all recounted being in the same old ruined temple in their dreams.


sample imageFootsteps in the dark...

Wary of resting here, they made their way back to the stairway leading to the ruined temple and decided to find a more defensible place to rest below. Gash and Illustian descended slowly with Gash meticulously checking for traps along the way. Once at the bottom landing, Gash noticed a well-hidden pit trap and deftly disarmed it. Feeling that all was secure, they went to make their way up the stairs to rejoin the group when, to their shock, some sort of invisible force wall was blocking their path back up the stairs. They yelled out to their companions and the remainder of the group descended. Blocked from their side, Charr decided to memorize dimension door in the hopes of circumventing the obstacle. When she was only minutes from complete, a rumbling of heavy footsteps could be heard making their way with haste towards Gash and Illustian's position. The steps grew louder and louder although the two could not see what was approaching beyond their sixty-foot vision. Suddenly it burst horrifically into view and they saw it -- it was a...


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February 4th


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