Downloads & Links

Please enjoy these files available for download, we hope you find them useful. Also, please visit some of the linked websites for even more content.

Files to Download:

File Name File Description File Size
Character Sheet   This file is the 2nd edition character sheet currently being used in our Ravenloft Campaign and has been designed to accommodate our house rules.
  69 KB
Ravenloft Calendar   Excel file detailing the Ravenloft calendar along with notable holidays observed in various domains.
  49 KB
Player Handbook Errata   Player's Handbook 2nd edition (Revised) Errata   28 KB
Dungeon Master Guide Errata   Dungeon Master's Guide 2nd edition (Revised) Errata   24 KB
Wild Magic Tables   Wild Magic Tables   42 KB
Infravision Explained   Explanation of how an elves infravision ability works   45 KB
Half Dragon Race   New half-dragon race   90 KB

Useful Links:

The Fraternity of Shadows
ADnD Downloads
The Mordent Cartographic Society
Wizards of the Coast

If you would like any links or files added, please let me know.