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October 15, 2010 Session Overview


sample imageA Bump in the Attic...

The group arrived at Chateaufaux in the early evening and took up residence at the manor house vacated by the were-badgers. Ensuring that no squatters moved in during their absence, they proceeded to do a room by room sweep. Someone noticed an attic door and everyone went to investigate. The smell of the stale air and thick layer of dust confirmed that no one had been up there in quite some years. There were a few chests containing old clothes and toys, but nothing of value. Tucker spotted an old bedroll in the far corner. When the group investigated, they found a set of chains affixed to the wall that lead under the blanket. When they pulled back the blanket they found the skeletal remains of what appeared to be a small child. The group then placed the bones in a chest, Tucker said some words, and the chest was sealed up. Some of the group was spooked so they decided to get a room at the inn instead...and let's not even mention the hidden room in the cellar.

Play attic escape

sample imageWeasels and Roosters and Bunnies...Oh My!

Meanwhile, some of the group went to the gnomish alchemist's shop to drop off formula 87. When they got there, the gnome was cowering in the corner when suddenly the group was attacked by a brace of mutant killer rabbits.  After dispatching the vile critters, they learned that the gnome, in an attempt to recreate formula 87, injected a serum into some rabbits, some roosters, and a weasel. Apparently the roosters and the weasel escaped and could be terrorizing the town, so they gave the sample of formula 87 for the gnome to develop an antidote while they tracked down the escaped animals. They followed the rooster tracks to an orphanage and when they went around back, found that the windows were busted in along with a number of rooster tracks. When they entered, they found horrible carnage, orphans ripped apart all over the house. They were then beset upon by the gang of hulking roosters. The group was hard pressed fighting in such tight quarters but managed to come up with a strategy to deal with the roosters. Although badly wounded, they managed to fell the bloodthirsty fowls when an enormous, voracious weasel appeared. With a coordinated attack, they dropped the beast quickly and set about to check for survivors, finding but one terrified little girl hiding under some loose floorboards.

Play Killer Bunnies II

sample imageIt's a Hard Knock Life...

The little horrified girl was about six years old and, for some reason, only trusted Uddain, who carried her away from the horror show of a place and back to the Inn they were residing at. The child was definitely in shock, but somehow Uddain was able to relax the girl enough that she was able to sleep in his arms. The next morning she old him her name was Ann and Uddain sent his vassal Stewart to find a home for the young girl. Several hours later, Stewart returned with the local schoolteacher, a young woman with kind eyes, and she agreed to take the child in. Uddain gave her some money and arranged to be the child's benefactor by sending 100 gold pieces per month to the the teacher to pay for her education and well-being.


sample imageFree at Last...Free at Last...Thank Ezra I'm Free at Last!

Shortly thereafter, Uddain's antidote was ready. The gnome told them that the process to purify Uddain's blood was going to be painful and asked his comrades to strap him down to a bolted chair set in the middle of the gnome's lab. Suspended high above the chair was an anvil connected to a lever that would allow the gnome to terminate Uddain should the process go awry. The gnome administered the concoction and Uddain began to convulse and seize. His body began morphing in spots from hulking monster to human and the screams of agony rang through the streets. Although excruciating, the process was a success and Uddain was finally free of Mikki's cursed poison. From there, they purchased some fresh mounts and set off back to Port-a-Lucine to plan their next move.


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October 29th


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