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October 29, 2010 Session Overview


sample imageOops!...We Did It Again...

The group set out from Chateaufaux to Port-a-Lucine. As night fell on the first day, the usual fog was usurped by the dreaded mists the party has come to loathe. Suddenly, the group was ripped from their reality and deposited on some distant beach. Before them, in the dense fog, were the silhouettes of several valiant warriors futilely trying to stem the time of shambling enemies emerging from the sea. The group rushed in to find that the creatures were some sort of sea zombies, but more alarming still was the realization that the warriors were actually versions of themselves, and their duplicates were losing badly. The group engaged but could not save their other selves as one-by-one they watched them fall, the zombies dragging them into the sea.  Just as the horde turned its attention on the new arrivals, the dawn broke through the night and drove the zombies back to their watery depths.

Play Fog Fall

sample imageTime Keeps On Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'...

When the sun arose, the fog dissipated revealing that they were standing on the beach of a small island. Near the beach were a pier, a large pile of wood, and a smoldering fire keeping barrels of resin and tar hot. Close to the fire was a severely damaged boat in the midst of being repaired. On the opposite end of the island, perched atop a bluff, stood a medium sized, two-story structure seemingly deserted. After examining the area around the beach and disposing of the corpses of their "others," they noticed that the sun was moving unnaturally fast through the day sky and what felt like only and hour of time appeared to have been two by the position of the sun. Realizing that night would come much faster than they had anticipated and that those creatures might return, they decided to fortify themselves in the house.

Play Madness Reaction Time

sample imageI Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me ...

The front door was ripped off its hinges and strewn throughout the house were splatters of blood, chunks of torn flesh, and bits of bone. Most of the furniture and interior doors were gone, seemingly used to board up windows, though most barricades were broken through. As they viewed the carnage in the house, the party began to run across pages of an old journal detailing strange happenings that occurred in this house presumably many years ago. Additionally, the group found two spell like rituals and two pieces of some metal ring, both mentioned in the journal entries.


sample imageGhosts to the left of me, Zombies to the right, here I am...

Before long, the night arrived and brought with it the ominous fog. Behind the house stood a large glass and metal beacon, which, though empty earlier, was now filled with wood. As the fog made contact with the beacon, the wood inside spontaneously combusted, sending a bright beam of light cutting through the fog out over the ocean. Also with the fog came a wave of zombies. Earlier, the group had picked the lock on the only door remaining, the basement door, and after exploring the unnaturally cold sublevel, decided it was the best place to hole up and weather the evenings onslaught. The group waited for the zombies to attack, and attack they did. The group used a stone slab to brace the door but eventually even that gave way, forcing the group to confront the zombies on the stairs. To make matters worse, the group was attacked by two ghosts that resided in the basement, causing them to fight on two fronts. The group was hard pressed, but somehow they managed to make it through the night.   With the new dawn, the group realized that the beacon brought in new ships last night that broke upon the rocks, replenishing the numbers of zombies that were killed the night before and then some. With this, the urgency of the situation began to sink in -- they need to find a way out of here soon before they end up like their duplicates before them.



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November 12th


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