Dark Times

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News From The Front...

Wealsun 3, 635 CY – A Call to Arms
The king of Nyrond, King Lynwerd I, in hopes of rallying more able bodied men and women to the front, has issued a decree promising “1 silver shield per undead head” brought to Rel Mord’s military headquarters.

“This is a step in the right direction,” stated General Myariken, “a silver piece a head should bring warriors out of the woodwork to our cause. It is only a shame that patriotism isn’t always a strong enough motivator.”

High priest, Jared Colanz, of the Temple of Pholtus, has been staunchly opposed to this approach. “Such bounties will only serve to bolster grave robbing and tomb looting. My fear is that the honored dead of Pholtus will be uprooted for this pittance and that would be a tragedy beyond words. Praise Pholtus!”

In response, Myariken has insured that all heads will be appraised by divine means to ensure that they are authentic minions of Iuz. Myariken accused Colanz of ulterior motives, stating,”The Temple of Pholtus’ position is solely self-servicing. The bounty is being paid by taxes levied against the churches of Nyrond, and Colanz simply doesn’t want to part with the coin. It’s clearly an issue of abhorrent greed and nothing more.”


Wealsun 8, 635 CY – Spies of Zeif Captured
Today, two Zeifian spies were captured outside the city of Hochoch, in the troubled region of Geoff. The infiltrators were captured during a battle with a combined orc and ogre raid out of the Crystalmist Mountains.

“Raids of this kind are fairly commonplace,” explained Hochoch mayor, Tylor Pence. “At least once a month the beasts descend from the foothills to steal whatever scraps they can, but fortunately for us, the farm they attacked was harboring two agents of Zeif.”

The hideout of the two human men was stumbled upon during the aftermath of the raid. Maps and numerous documents, written in the Zeif language, were found in the cellar of the farmhouse.

The intent of these men is not entirely clear, but it is suspected that they were gathering intelligence for a possible invasion. The seized documents have been sent to Keoland authorities for further analysis.


Wealsun 9, 635 CY – County of Urnst Falls
After years of valiant resistance since the Shield Lands were breached, the inevitable fall of The County of Urnst is now official. The capital city has been completely evacuated and the Iuz flag now waves over their central castle.

“We can’t say that we are surprised, but we are proud of the noble efforts our Urnstian comrades put forth,” according to an official release from His Most Lordly Grace Karll Lorinar of the Duchy of Urnst. “Countless thousands gave up their lives to hold back this wave of terror, even when the cause became obviously futile. The courage and bravery of the men who laid down their lives will neither be forgotten nor be in vain as we will take up the mantle to protect The Free City of Greyhawk from Iuz’s greedy grasp. Their sacrifice is an inspiration to us and we only hope to live up to the legacy of tenacity and unwavering fortitude displayed by our fallen brethren.”


Wealsun 11, 635 CY – Stonehold Enters the Fray
Stonehold has finally chosen sides this past week as throngs of Fists, Stonehold warriors, poured into northern Tenh. “They are a sight for weary eyes,” claimed Duke Ehyeh III of the Faithful Flan Army. “Who’d of thought it possible barring our history with the Stonehold, but I, for one, am glad to see their grizzled faces.”

A representative of Stonehold had this to say, “We were committed to not making the same mistakes of the past this time around.” This refers to when, during the Greyhawk Wars, they were deceived by Iuz into an alliance with Suel barbarians to invade Tenh only to be later abandoned and left open for the slaughter by Iuz forces. “We needed to be sure who our allies were before joining the war”

The Theocrat of Pale was quoted as saying, “Even heretics are welcomed allies when their efforts align with the will of Pholtus…Praise Pholtus!”

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