Dark Times

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Glimnoddle Rockbiter

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Race : Rock Gnome

Gender : Male

Age : 63

Profession : ???

Homeland : Lortmil Mountains

Glimnoddle is a member of the Rockbiter clan of rock gnomes, who make their home in an extensive cave complex on the eastern slopes of the Lortmil Mountains.  Glimnoddle’s parents are arcane gnomes who were granted refuge with distant relatives among the Rockbiter clan before their only child’s birth, and were later accepted as full clan members due to their significant contributions to the welfare of the clan.  Glimnoddle was recognized as a full member of the clan at birth.

The Rockbiter clan of gnomes is a particularly ferocious and militaristic clan of gnomes who guard their home with uncommon skill.  Glimnoddle may often appear to exaggerate about the valor of his clan, but in truth his words are no exaggeration.  The clan’s tunnels are well hidden and extensively trapped, and the clan has many proven strategies for defending them against intruders.  From an early age, clan members are instructed to develop their talents in a manner that will best maintain the safety of the clan.  They are also, from a young age, taught the virtues of discipline and obedience.  Thus, even the divine and arcane casters of the clan have a military bent to their training.

Glimnoddle’s parents were neither fighters nor spellcasters, but provided notable service to the clan through their knowledge of alchemy and herbalism.  Glimnoddle, himself, was following in his father’s footsteps as an alchemist.  In truth, Glimnoddle never quite had the temperament to fit in with clan society.  Certainly he was lawful, and could see the benefits that clan order provided.  Furthermore, he had a healthy respect for clan leadership and felt great pride to be a member of Clan Rockbiter.  He just never quite attained the same level of zeal evinced by his clanmates.

Rather, Glimnoddle was wholly devoted his alchemical studies, and would undertake great solitary journeys deep into the mountains to uncover rare minerals for his experiments.  Often he would travel beyond the clan’s borders, but he did so with little fear: the reputation of the Rockbiters caused many of the mountain denizens to give clan territory a wide berth.  On one such recent expedition, Glimnoddle decided to take a little nap before returning home.  Unfortunately, Glimnoddle was a somewhat forgetful gnome, and on this occasion he neglected to extinguish his lantern before dozing off.  He awoke several hours later in pitch blackness.  He was not overly concerned, for this had happened to him before.  He calmly rummaged through his pack for the spare oil flask, only to realize a few moments later that he had forgotten to pack one!

Making his best guess as to the direction back to his clan, Glimnoddle set off on hands and knees.  Two days later, out of food, and finally becoming a little nervous, he came across a tunnel that exited the mountain.  During the past two days, Glimnoddle had managed to gather some luminescent moss to light his way and refill his waterskin at an underground spring.  Unfortunately, he had also become hopelessly lost and upon emerging into the light of the setting sun, realized he had come out on the wrong side of the range!  Hungry, and having no hope of navigating the maze of tunnels back to his clan, Glimnoddle resolved to find civilization (and a meal) in the lands to the west.

Glimnoddle slept the night, and the following day traveled west until he came to a river.  Seeing that the river flowed south, he chose to turn in that direction and on the second day of travel came upon the city of Waybury.  After two days without food, he was in rather desperate straits, and pawned whatever non-essential gear he still possessed so that he could buy food.  After a meal and a night’s sleep on a bed, Glimnoddle was feeling much better.

Unfortunately, he soon learned that he would find little aid in the town of Waybury.  People were far too concerned about affairs to the north and east to pay any heed to his sad circumstances.  Furthermore, it appeared that there were no prospects for gainful employment in Waybury, and without money Glimnoddle did not see how he could possibly return to his clan.  Later that night, while supping in the common room of the inn, he heard a rumor about employment opportunities in nearby Axegard.  The following day, Glimnoddle bought passage on a merchant caravan, and left Waybury with high hopes that better times awaited him in Axegard.


"I'm not lost...I meant to go that way."

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