Dark Times

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Bryce Zinder

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Race : Human

Gender : Male

Age : 20

Profession : Ninja

Homeland : Celene

The first hundred years of my life really didn’t count for much.  The edge of Celene on the northerly slopes of the Lortmil Mountains was a beautiful land of contrasts; rugged mountains overlooking rolling plains, quiet pools and rapids roaring down vast ravines.  My people, among whom I resided, had been here for millennia.  During the foolishness of my youth, just over a century in age, I thought I would never wish to leave this wondrous land.  Then they came.  At first just a few, and seldom did they appear, the outward scouts of the scourge of Iuz, but there would be more.  Driving the peoples of Celene before them and bringing with them, slavery, oppression and death, they came.  It was not long before my people decided to abandon our ancestral home and cross the Lortmil Mountains.   Many only just crossed, taking up new abodes on the high south facing slopes.  Here they hoped to create anew something approaching the splendor of our millennia old abandoned realm.  But somehow this task was not for me.  Once my feet began to move south they would not be persuaded to stop.  South out of the mountains, they bore me across the lands of the Duchy of Ulek until I found myself standing before the capitol city of Tringlee, where I did at last take my first repose and rest from my long journey.  There, though I stayed only the shortest time as my people would measure it, did I first encounter so many of the peoples of the realm.  Halfling, gnome and dwarf, sylvan elf and human, and the many beasts they had domesticated.  Horse, swine and bovine; chicken, dog and feline, all together in a single stinking mass of structures.  It’s smell offended my nostrils, and yet I found myself thrilled to see these the creations of Corellon all together for my consideration.  Still the economy is depressed, and I hear there is work to be found, if somewhat risky work, in Axegard to the west, so once again I find my feet in motion.  Once again they carry me, to what end I know not.  What shall I make of this life of mine now as I face young adulthood? 


" I only know, now that I have seen the world beyond that of my people...I wish to know more."

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