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November 12, 2010 Session Overview


sample imageThe Better Part of Valour is Discretion...

After surviving the first onslaught of undead, the group decided to split the group, one half resting for the night's battle and the other half thoroughly searching the house for the remaining journal pages and disk pieces. Magnus, Vanador, Illustian, and Gash stayed awake while the others rested. Magnus and Illustian decided to search the island's grounds. Illustian was nearly poisoned by some strange looking scorpion, but managed to find some valuables on the beach. Vanador did a thorough search of the second floor, finding nothing of value, while Gash took to the basement. After searching outside, Illustian decided to search the first floor study and Magnus, spotting the basement door slightly ajar decided to venture down. When Magnus arrived in the basement, he noticed that it was even colder than the night before, so cold that a layer of ice had formed over the earthen floor. Cautiously he searched the room when he was waylaid by a ghost. Realizing that he was in over his head, he ran for the exit and almost made it when the icy claws of the ghost struck home, paralyzing Magnus on the staircase. Meanwhile Illustian and Vanador took their respite after rousing Uddain, Tucker, Eva, and Charr. 

Play Ghosts-n-Goblins

sample imageSomething is Rotten in the State of Denmark...

Eva decided to check the cliffs outside for hidden inlets while Charr gave the upstairs another once over, finding an additional journal page and disk piece.  Eva had an idea to cover the beacon with drapes and blankets to prevent the light from attracting more doomed boats. Tucker, realizing that Magnus and Gash were nowhere to be found set about looking for his missing compatriots. Eva, finding nothing inside, returned to the house and, together with Tucker and Charr scoured the grounds for the two missing party members. The group quickly realized that they must be in the basement, but the door was locked tight so Tucker employed his Chimes of Opening to gain entry.


sample imageIf You Prick Us, Do We Not Bleed?

Once in the basement, they heard the agonized wails of Gash coming from the main lab. When they entered the room, they were aghast to see Magnus bound to a table with Gash sitting atop him, slicing open his stomach. To their horror, they observed Gash insert his hand into Magnus' stomach and begin feeling around. Quickly, the group sprang into action, restraining Gash while freeing Magnus from his bonds. Gash, certainly not himself, most likely possessed, cut violently at Uddain while trying to escape his grasp. Charr fired a pinpoint shot, knocked the dagger from Gash's hand, and went over to help Magnus. Gash tumbled away and fled into a storage room pursued by Uddain and Eva. When the two arrived, Gash had disappeared. Tucker applied some healing to his dying companion to stablize him, then cast a spell to help him and those around him to endure the bitter cold that was taking a toll on everyone in the room. While Uddain and Eva scoured the storage room for Gash, a ghost appeared and attacked Charr and Tucker. Having saved Magnus and unable to locate Gash, the group decided to flee the room and come back in full force at a later time since night would be approaching soon. Uddain scooped up Magnus and made for the stairs but, when he exited the lab, he was backstabbed by the waiting half orc, falling unconscious. Eva, Charr, and Tucker arrived in time to drive back Gash, collect Uddain and Magnus, and retreat to the first floor foyer, locking the basement door behind them.


sample imageIf You Poison Us, Do We Not Die?

Upon rejoining the group in their upstairs "safe room," Tucker doled out healing, sealing the vicious stomach wounds on Magnus, as Vanador and Illustian awoke from their slumber. It was at this point that Magnus felt something moving inside his stomach. Vanador suddenly remembered that the body found in the master bathroom that they thought was a suicide, upon closer inspection, looked more as if he was performing an operation on his own stomach, which was completely devoid of all organs. With some trepidation, Magnus decided to allow Tucker to cut out what was in him, which turned out to be one of those odd scorpions Illustian ran into earlier. It was secreting some poison that was liquefying Magnus' intestines. The insect was dispatched and Magnus was healed, but the damage done would be permanent until he could receive magic beyond the capabilities of Tucker. After almost both dying today, Uddain and Magnus decided well spent rest was in order before the impending zombie battle in a couple hours.


sample imageAnd If You Wrong Us, Shall We Not Revenge?

Eva climbed onto the roof to scout as the sun went down and saw that, as the fog touched the beacon, the coverings did stop the beam for a short while, but eventually the beacon got too hot and set the coverings on fire. As the fog closed, dozens upon dozens of zombies rose from the sea and began closing on the house so Eva decided to rejoin the group in their fortified position. The horde attacked furiously, the first wave was repelled rather easily. The second wave was slightly more difficult as they broke through the back wall of the room, attacking now from two entry points. In addition, blood began rushing into the room from somewhere making the floor slippery and apparently healing the zombies who stood in it. Exhausted after fighting off four waves, the sun appeared and the blood soaked into the wood of the floor as the zombie bodies decayed at rapid rate. When they went downstairs, they could see that the blood from upstairs soaked through the floorboards and caused a bloody rain to cover the first floor as well.

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sample imageOnce More Unto the Breach, Dear Friends...

Seeing the result of Eva's attempt to cover the beacon, Uddain offered the idea to cover it with tar and see if that stops the beam; since yet another boatful of sailors went down last night and will no doubt be attacking this evening. Today they still need to find the remaining disk piece and journal pages which are obviously downstairs while coping with the ghosts and somehow freeing Gash from his possession, before facing another terrible onslaught of undead.


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November 26th


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