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November 26, 2010 Session Overview


sample imageA Friend in Need...

After another successful night of fending off the zombie mob, the group set forth in the morning to free Gash from his unholy domination. First, though, they decided to search for the last pages and ring piece. Charr, employing Vanador's endure elements ring and Magnus' helmet of mind shielding, cast invisibility and invisibility to undead on herself and ventured into the basement. Charr searched each room, being careful not to alert Gash, who was in the main lab in some sort of trance, of her presence. She managed to find the two missing pages, but found the last ring piece buried under a thick layer of ice. Using burning hands, she began to melt the ice, but the verbal component of the spell was heard by the half-orc. Gash charged in and smashed some jars, getting some foreign substance on Charr as she was grabbing the freed piece. She made haste for the stairs and returned upstairs. Magnus and Uddain then went to tar the beacon to prevent any more boats from crashing onto the rocks. A few hours later, when Tucker had memorized the requisite spell, he went down to the basement and released Gash from his possession, reuniting him with the group.

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sample imageIf at first you don't succeed...

As night fell, the group returned to the room that had provided them safety the previous night and dug in. As soon as night fell, the recurring scream was heard in the master bedroom as the blood began pouring in. Two waves of zombies attacked but were repelled with the combination of spells from Illustian and Charr and steel from Vanador, Magnus, and Uddain, while Gash and Tucker provided ranged support. The defense was working well until one of the zombies, a caster, made it into the room and placed a silence spell that thwarted further casting attempts. Char and Illustian, needing to leave the spell's area of effect, left the room, and attacked the zombies in the adjacent room from behind. At about the same time, a group of zombies broke a hole in the ceiling and dropped into the hall from the roof. The group was pressed hard, but by concentrating their firepower, managed to clear out the zombies with little damage. The group then went to check the master bedroom when they spotted a multi-armed demon out the bedroom window near the beacon. Illustian assembled the ring and cast the first spell, which repaired the item, but lost sight of the demon before enacting the second part of the enchantment. To get a better vantage point, the group made its way to the roof, fought off the remaining zombies and scanned for the foul beast, but to no avail. Soon the sun rose and the zombies retreated to the sea.


sample imageGotcha...

The next day was relatively uneventful as they waited for the night to come again in the hopes of capturing the demon in the magical ring. Illustian needed only to see the beast to enact the spell. This night, they took up position on the roof in the hopes of having a better perspective to sight the demon. As soon as night arrived and the fog was rolling in, they caught site of the hulking beast, but before Illustian could cast, the monster vanished and reappeared on the roof. Illustian laid down the ring and started casting as the creature roared and charged his way. Uddain and Vanador intercepted the beast and hacked at it viciously, but, with a wave of its pincered hand, magically flung the two warriors effortlessly off the roof into the waiting zombie horde below. At the same time, the two ghosts from the basement materialized through the roof and attacked Gash and Magnus. Illustian finished his spell and a vortex of magical energy attempted to grab the demon and pull the struggling creature into the ring. Meanwhile, Eva drew its attacks as Magnus evaded the ghosts and offered her assistance. After a few moments, the demon was pulled into the disc and banished. At that point, Vanador and Uddain made their way back to the roof where the group held off the remaining zombies until daybreak.

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sample imageGoing My Way...

In the morning, they positioned the beacon at the beach and when night arrived, it called a ship to the island. Tucker offered the captain a magic item for passage off the accursed island and they sailed to Martira Bay in the land of Darkon. Realizing that mere moments had passed in time since they were swept away, they decided to rest here for the night and decide how they were going to get word to Stewart to notify him of their location in order to recollect their belongings.


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December 10th


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