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December 10, 2010 Session Overview


sample imageFinally, A quiet place to relax...

After arriving in Martira Bay, the group took a room at a wharf front inn for the night. The next morning, the group booked passage on a ship called the "Bountiful" to Port-a-Lucine that was scheduled to leave at 3:00 am that night. Magnus and Tucker decided to explore the possibility of getting Magnus' maladies taken care of. Arriving at the Temple of the Overseer, the only organized religious temple the two could identify, the men were taken aback by the grandiosity of the place and the seemingly goodly work they do gratis for the community. They spoke with an underling cleric named Lentin about restoring Magnus' age after the incident with the ghosts and repairing the internal damage he suffered at the hands of Gash. He directed them to old grandfatherly high cleric named Derakoth who indicated that he could fix all of Magnus' ailments for a donation. When asked how much that donation would cost, they were assured that it was entirely up to the recipient of the healing. Magnus, for some reason, refused the healing, leaving Tucker scratching his head.


sample imageHere we go...

Gash decided to replace his broken lock picks and decided to check the slum areas, accompanied by Vanador, for someone who had them to sell. Eva, Charr, and Uddain decided to check the local marketplace see if lock picks could be procured there. They entered a metal smith's shop and asked the young artisan woman behind the counter about purchasing the item. The shopkeeper went flush and asked the three to exit her shop. They did and were heading down the street when the group was instructed to halt by a local constabulary escorted by the young shopkeeper. When asked what they had done, the constable only repeated that they must come down to the station to answer some questions. Not sure what they had done, they went begrudgingly.

Once at the station, they were interrogated by an inspector about their inquiry into purchasing illegal thieving implements. Charr began to get annoyed at their treatment and Uddain even drew his weapon. Both Charr and Uddain were taken to holding cells as Eva went on to explain that they were trying to purchase them for a member of the party. The inspector informed her that the purchase of suck instruments is illegal and that Gash must register himself as a professional thief so that they can ensure that he is not wanted for any crimes, and if not, he would be free to go. She agreed to relay the message and both her and Charr were released. Uddain, on the other hand, was held and charged with drawing arms against the militia.


sample imageThat wasn't so bad...

Meanwhile, Gash and Vanador wandered through the backstreets of the slums looking for a place to buy Gash's tools. They were not there long as Gash noticed a shady fellow flashing hand signals in the language of thieves' cant. Not having seen exactly what was said, Gash and Vanador thought it prudent to take their leave from the slum quarter and return to the inn where Illustian had remained.

At about this time, Magnus had reconsidered the priest's offer and returned with Tucker to be healed. Tucker observed as the high cleric easily reinvigorated the warrior and returned his youth and repaired his internal injuries. Additionally, the priest found that Magnus was suffering from a disease inflicted by the bog mummy they faced several weeks ago and cured that as well. Feeling as good as new, Magnus thanked the cleric and swore to send a worthy donation at his earliest opportunity and bid the priest farewell.

From there, they made their way back to the inn.   Once at the inn, they were reunited with everyone with the exception of Uddain. Charr and Eva informed Gash that he needed to register with the militia. This did not sit well with Gash or Vanador since they were still wanted in connection to the prostitute murders in Port-a-Lucine. The group decided that it would be better to leave, but first they needed to free Uddain. Furthermore, Eva told the inspector about their intention to board the Bountiful at 3:00 am and new that the police would probably be waiting for them if Gash did not register by sundown as instructed. About this time, they were approached by a man who introduced himself as a "fixer" who could act on their behalf with the militia and try to expedite Uddain's release and lower the charges. The retained his services, and within an hour he had managed to reduce the charge to unlawful behavior and released with a small fine of 10 gold pieces. They also had him find out if Gash and Vanador were wanted in this town. He concluded that they were and that their treaty with the domain of Dementlieu demanded that those captured be extradited back for trial.


sample imageHere we go... again...

Realizing that this was a bad situation, the group decided to flee town on foot. Vanador lead them through the wilds outside town, but once night fell, the land became overrun with shambling undead. Understanding that they were desperately outnumbered, they had little recourse but to return to Martira Bay. Once back they learned that this was a side effect of the Grand Conjunction that took place several years ago and that the only places safe from the undead were the town limits or upon the two main roads that lead out of town.

Desperate to find a way out of town immediately, Illustian visited the bountiful to try to arrange a pickup some ways outside of town. He was told that the waters of the Sea of Sorrows were merciless and that only the harbor of Martira Bay was somehow magically calm. If the ship tried to come less than a quarter mile from shore outside of a port, they would be smashed by the rocks and violent waves. Illustian poured over his magical tomes and came up with a method to bypass this dilemma if no alternate mode of transportation was found to exit town, asking the Bountiful to wait at a specific spot at around 3:30 am.

Conversely, Vanador went to a coach company and managed to rent a private coach to take the group directly to Port-a-Lucine. The coach was to be ready in 3 hours. With this news, he gathered the group and they waited. Since the militia was going to be on the lookout for Gash, the mages made him invisible and told him to wait on the road a half mile outside town and they would pick him up. Unfortunately, just when the coach was almost ready to depart, a town constable peeked in the coach station and spotted Vanador who was also wanted. He summoned reinforcements and Vanador willingly surrendered.


sample imageNow what...

Back at the police station, it was explained to Vanador that he was to be extradited in the morning and that if he told the police where Gash was, they would include how cooperative he was in their report to the Port-a-Lucine authorities. Vanador refused emphatically and placed in a cell. A short time later, someone visited Vanador and "convinced" him to divulge Gash's whereabouts. With the information, they put together a search party with dogs and set out on the southern road. It did not take them long to find and apprehend Gash. Once back at the station, realizing that it did not serve any purpose for both of them to be captured, asked to make a deal. Gash told the constable that he was an unwitting pawn and that Vanador was the mastermind and the sole murderer of the women. He agreed testify to Vanador's role in the murders and be a material witness if he were released. Somehow, a dialogue was magically opened with the authorities in Port-a-Lucine, and they agreed to give Gash amnesty for a written statement that detailed Vanador's guilt. Gash agreed to the deal and was promptly set free. He returned to the coach station and rejoined the group who set out immediately for Port-a-Lucine to try to find a way to clear Vanador before he swings from the gallows.

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