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January 7, 2011 Session Overview


sample imageAt the end of his rope...

As Vanador's barred wagon rolled into Port-a-Lucine, he could almost feel the rope tightening around his neck. The trial was quick and, based on Gash's detailed testimony, had little chance of convincing the magistrate of his innocence. He was stripped down and shackled to the wall of the dungeon while he waited for his sentence to be carried out the following morning -- to be hanged by the neck until dead.  

After a restless night filled with rat bites and nightmares, the first rays of light crept through the small cell window and Vanador was forced to come to terms with his impending death. He was marched in shackles to a public stage where his charges were read to the jeering crowd. A hood was placed over his head and he could feel the rope placed around his neck. The crowd hushed as a level slowly clicked to release the trap door beneath him. His teeth clenched as he braced for the jarring drop when from the distance he heard a man scream, "Wait!" A sudden wave of relief washed over him as the lever was reversed and he was declared innocent and freed. For his trouble, he was awarded a mere coupon book.


sample imageTogether again...

Several days later, the rest of the group arrived in town to find Vanador and Stewart in residence at Madame LaFarge's chateau. They told him about the doctor and true murderer. From there, the men sold the valuable golem book they found for 90,000 gold pieces and went on a massive shopping spree. The simple coupon book turned out to be much more valuable a treasure since it was magical and functioned once at any shop in town.  

Additionally, when Vanador was confronted by the dead prostitute's families, he was cursed by one of the Vistani parents. The group sought out the family that was living on a barge in the wharf district. There, Vanador learned that a curse could not be undone, but was provided a remove curse potion by Tucker. While there, Eva got some interesting news regarding her heritage from an old Vistani fortuneteller.


sample imageTo the ruins...

From there they went to the geographic society where they inquired about new jobs. Mr. Woodwych told them of a ruined temple that was recently unearthed several days west of town. They accepted the task of exploring it and set out on their way.  

Not yet a day out of town, they came across some "special" young giants and dispatched them easily, though the act did not sit well with a few of the group members. They continued unimpeded to the ruined temple. Once there they spotted a group of six hobgoblins at the top of a hill. The group anxiously engaged them only to find that nine more were camped on the opposite side of the hill...let the battle begin.


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January 21st


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